Faxon and I doing our stuff at the Canberra Royal.

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( Jun. 11th, 2006 05:51 pm)
Hey everyone - Faxon here!

I thought I should write telling you about all the fun I had today. :)

Well we went to another of those obedience trial thingies today. It was really windy, cold AND wet! I can tell you I didn't want to be there but Bear seemed to think it would be a good thing to do.

The trial was at Belconnen Obedience club were we used to train when I was little. The CCD ring was in the free run area where I used to take Bear when I wanted to run around. We were first in the ring today and I guess I wasn't really concentrating on what Bear wanted us to be doing - remember it is windy, cold AND wet. So off we went on the heeling exercise - you know where I'm supposed to walk nicely beside the Bear, sit when the Bear stops or Drop or stand when the Bear tells me. Well I kinda got distracted and stopped paying attention to the Bear and kinda just wandered about. I did a couple of drops but they weren't were they were supposed to be. My stands were kinda interesting as well. It's amazing the positions you can get to at the end of a leash. ;) As for sitting when the Bear stopped well again I did sometimes but prolly not where the Bear wanted - sometimes I was beside her sometimes in front and well sometimes there were other interesting things to look at. The Judge said something about it not being our finest hour - Bear laughed for some reason.

We then moved on to the Stand for Exam. I'm usually really good at this but remember cold, windy AND wet! When Bear told me to stay I kinda followed her a little way and then stopped. I did stand nice and still while the nice judge patted me tho'. I don't think we got many marks for this tho'.

The last thing we did was the Recall. I have to say I did the first part really really well. I heeled nicely off lead till the Bear stopped. I stayed while she walked off. I even ran towards her when she said "Come!"...... But then I got a bit distracted. It wasn't really my fault. You see there were some bushes that just needed to be investigated. You never know who has left interesting smells on bushes. Bear spoiled my investigating by coming and getting me. Drat!

For some reason we didn't stay for the sit and down stays today. I don't think Bear wanted me to play with the other dogs when they were working. I guess that is fair enough but it would have been fun to play!

Anyway I got to come home and stay inside in the warm while Bear, Anita and Lucy froze at one of them show things. hehehehe!

Big Pawz to you all.
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( May. 21st, 2006 03:10 pm)
Well this weekend was the ACT State Obedience trails, as the subject says it was the tale of two days.

Saturday: CCD was on after Novice and dogs were on after bitches. This meant we didn't get into the ring until 12.15. Not a good time for afghan hounds unfortunately. By this stage Faxon was over the whole deal. We seemed to forget what drop meant when we were heeling. the stand for exam was good the recall was, well non-existant. We heeled beautifully from the start peg off lead, unfortunately I tried to predict when the Judge was going to say halt and stuffed up the whole stopping bit. when we got to the correct position Faxon did a wonderful sit/stay. Unfortunately when I walked off, did the about turn and called him he continued to do a beautiful sit/stay. I tried calling him again, he sat there looking noble and regal totally ignoring me. So I simply waled back to him telling him that he was gorgeous. It seems that the Judge disagreed with my evaluation of the situation and informed me that "He is not gorgeous, he is lazy!" I simply smiled at her and left the ring. We didn't stay for the stays.

Sunday: CCD was on first, Dogs were up first. We were 3rd dog on. We started out well in the heeling after a bit of a false start where Faxon had to have a bit of a scratch. Unfortunately he then noticed a friend ringside. That was it for the heeling. All he wanted to do was go visit to say hello. We failed the heeling again. Although this time we did remember how to drop while heeling. He just didn't want to go in the direction that the Judge wanted us too.

Our stand for exam was again great - 9/10. Our recall today was excellent. 19/20. We stayed for the stays and performed two wonderful stays.

I left the grounds yesterday feeling a little discouraged but today was great. OK we didn't get a qualifying score today but we worked well together and had fun. We also learnt not to have someone ringside who he recognises and wants to say hello to!

Our next trial will be the June long weekend. We can only get better. :)


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