My weekends used to consist of getting up at a reasonable hour, potter around the house, perhaps go out and do some shopping and then blob in front of the teev.

That seems like a distant dream now.

Yesterday - yup Friday - we drove 1.5 hours to go to a dog show. Buzz got Dog challenge. :) Then we drove 1.5 hours home.

Today I was up at 8.00 and off to a qi-gong class. 1.5 hours of qi-gong then a talk with my instructor who suggests that I should be doing at least 1.5 hours of practice a day from now on. Now I know this is a good thing b/c he wants to push me so I improve. The problem is with my current schedule of stuff I'm doing I'm not sure where that 1.5 hours is going to come from.

After qi-gong I race home, get changed, grab Faxon and it's off to an hour of obedience training for a trial that is coming up in a couple of weeks (ACT State Titles). Training was interesting to say the least. Faxon seems to have decided that there are some things that he won't do anymore - dropping while heeling is one of these. Well we do have two weeks to fix this. :|

After finishing our training I got home to a very nice lunch prepared by [ profile] saluqi and [ profile] trixtah. Thanks folks! It went down very well.

I then spent the afternoon crashed out on the couch. :)

Tomorrow it is the 3 hour round trip to the dog show again. I'l be happy to go back to work on Monday to recover!


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