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( Nov. 26th, 2006 01:28 pm)
Hey everyone,

I just found Bear's LJ so I figured I should introduce myself as she hasn't bothered!

My name is Buster. Well I seem to have a number of names. My Proper show name is Farousi Jezlan, but I only use that at dog shows cos they're kinda posh and proper. Usually I just go but Buster unless I'm in trouble then I get called Buster McGee. When I hear that I know I done something really wrong. Bear also calls me her little man. I like that a lot too.

I came to live with Bear and her pack about 2-3 months ago now. It was kinda scary at first cos I didn't know any of the other pack members. Well I did kind of know Jadir cos he's my brother but I had kinda forgotten him cos he left our pack in WA a long time before. Now I know all my pack mates. There is big, furry, growly Faxon. He Bear's other special dog. I think I have him sussed out now. Even tho' he is growly I think he kinda likes me. He just has to make sure we all know our place in the pack.

Lucy is another 'luki so she is cool. I just wish she would stop growling at me and snapping at me. Sheesh I' still learning what this pack stuff is all about.

Then there is Jadir. Must times he is fun to play with. That is util he's got a bone or a bikkie, then he gets downright cranky. But I think I have sussed out a way of getting bones and stuff off of him. If I run away he has to come and see what I am doing then I can race back and get whatever he had without him snapping and barking at me. hehehehe!

Well that's about it for now. Hopefully I 'll be able to sneak back onto Bear's computer from time to time to let youse all know what I'm up too.



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