Well this last weekend was interesting and busy.

I started bathing dogs, for the weekends shows, on Thursday night with Chloe. Did the two Saluki's on Friday night - Mab and Jadir.

Bathing the 'lukis on Friday night turned in the easy part of the weekend. I'd noticed that there seemed to be a water leak down by our bore. So after bathing dogs I went to investigate. Played a bit with the pipe that seemed to be leaking and the fitting popped out of the ground. Water went every where. Race up to the header tank to turn off the tap. This stops the flood. Manage to work out what I needed to do to refit the fitting. Got this done turn on tap at header tank then notice a new fountain coming out of the ground. Now too dark to see so turn header tap off and leave until Saturday.

Saturday we head off to a dog show at Braidwood. Chloe got BOB and 6 points (Her First points) Jadir got BOB over Mab and Mab also got her first 6 points. Yay Team!

Get home from show @ about 3.30pm and back to fixing water leak. After enlarging my original hole I found that the pipe had split. After a futile attempt to tape split up left until I had enough time and light to fix properly.

In the midst of me doing this and [livejournal.com profile] saluqi trying to fill up the trough for the cattle in our back paddock we had a thunder storm! The first rain we have had in weeks!.

Unfortunately while the humans were down sheltering in the barn the dogs were out playing in the rain. Did I mention we had a show on Sunday?

When I had finished playing in the mud in my hole I was faced with a very wet and muddy Afghan hound puppy. Fortunately after a shower for me and a blow dry for Chloe all was looking and feeling good again.:)

Sunday's show started at 8.30 am!. Chloe again got BOB and another 6 points (12 points down 88 to go :) ) Jadir got RUBOB.

Because of the early start we were home early. So off to the hardware store to by the appropriate joiner parts and back to my muddy hole. :) After much cursing and cutting of pipe I now believe the leak is fixed and all is good with our irrigation system, the cattle are getting water and life is good.

So to sum out if you are still with me. A great weekend for the baby girl Afghan and an accomplished weekend fixing pipes for me.
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From: [identity profile] trixtah.livejournal.com

Holy crap! Fun fun all round! I'm sure the doggles were only trying to be helpful while they were prancing around in the rain. Pre-rinsing and all that. Eeep.

But yay team indeed! Ms Chloe seems to be pwning all in her path. :-)

From: [identity profile] madshutterbug.livejournal.com

Ah, the joys of home ownership! Yes, that would be my 'lawnmower' in the icon, as it were. *G*

Kudos for all, doing so well at the Show! ::does a happy dance::


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