....to do obedience with an Afghan hound!

We had an evening trial this evening. All I can say is we at least provided light release for all in attendance - including the Judge.

Our heeling was novel to say the least. Apparently it has been so long since we heeled that we have forgotten all about automatic sits. And those dogs in the other rings were way more interesting than walking around with me. Then there was the nose dive while heeling at fast pace. Head down rubbing our face along the grass. It was at this point that the Judge joined in the laughter.

We took on a whole new interpretation of the recall. Apparently now when I call him we do a perfect sit stay until called a second time. The we take a very circular route - so we can check out the ring next door before returning and doing a perfect drop at my feet. Cute but no points there.

However the Judge loved him and commented that it was nice to see an Afghan Hound with personality. I could only agree. :)

Oh I did get a nice comment out of the ring as well. Another handler said it was nice to see me laughing in the ring. And that he looked great while we were in there!
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( Sep. 3rd, 2006 05:03 pm)
Well we almost got our second pass in CCD yesterday.

We passed the heeling - just, 15/30 but a pass is a pass. We got 10/10 for our stand for exam. We got 14/20 for our recall - which I think we should have got more for. We did a perfect sit stay with severe provocation - The Samoyed next to Faxon got up right at the end and walked over to check Faxon out. Then came the down stay. Something that we are really good at. I've no idea what happened but Faxon lifted up his bum and moved it over. 0/20 no qualifier. :(.

The good stuff to come out of the trial was I was more relaxed going into the ring. I maged to get Faxon excited before each of the exercises and I focused on what I had to do and let Faxon do his stuff. That seemed to work. We got a couple of useful pointers for the future.

We will get this title!


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