May be old news to some but I just discovered

Have gone through and wishlisted a whole heap of NZ history books and a couple of tattoo/moko books.

Now to find the money to buy them all.
I successfully hunted and gathered and sent off my younger granddaughters 5th birthday present today.

Got her three books. One a story about dogs which included pics of a saluki, a book called magic pony which looks like it is part of a series - future gift ideas ;) - and a book about Aussie animals.

Gotta say I love buying books for the grandkids. There is such a wide range of books available these days.

The other success today was getting my watch strap fixed. Took it to the Fossil shop and they were going to have to keep it for approx 4 weeks and replace the strap at a cost to me of $15.00. I instead took it downstairs to the little watch kiosky thing. The nice lady there fixed it while Saluqi and I had lunch and posted off above mentioned books. all for the princely sum of $10.00.

I am a happy Bear indeed.
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( May. 9th, 2006 04:57 pm)
This probably won't mean much to most of you but I got a signed copy of Margret Niblock's "The Afghan Hound: A definitive study" today. Got it on ebay for less than $100. I am very happy. :) This is apparently THE Afghan Hound book to have.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2006 02:38 pm)
I've just finished reading Suzanne Clothier's book "Bones would rain from the sky..."

if you have ever had a relationship with an animal or another person then I suggest you read this book. On the surface it is about dogs and animal training but at a deeper level it is about all our relationships and how we can improve them. It has certainly given me much food for thought.

It is available from Amazon. :)


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