I have no idea what is going on with my body right now.

Out of the last 14 or so days I have not been sick for one of those days.

I thought exercise and getting healthy and fit was supposed to prevent one getting sick.

Anyway I am over the latest bout of gastro. Fingers crossed nothing else comes along.

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Bleargh, poor you. There seem to be a bunch of bugs going around at the moment due to the change in weather.

Also, if you are changing your exercise regime - and your bike-riding during the week is a great idea - sometimes your body will be less resistant while it's adjusting to its new output level. Maybe take some multi-vitamins during this phase if you're not already, especially with lots of vits ACE and zinc.
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Well, so much for that idea. :-[

I don't get told to eat red meat at all, unless I go to donate blood and my haemoglobin is too low (and that hasn't happened for yonks). Low B12??? It should be me suffering from that kind of thing with my anti-red meat ways, not you!
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Actually, it's a good idea, as all of those (ACE) may be taken in somewhat higher doses than found in multi-vits. Vitamin C particularly is no problem at all; water soluble vitamin, metabolised by the kidneys. Vitamins A & E are oil-soluble, metabolised by the liver so one needs to pay attention and not overdose on those.

Saw your other post over to the LJ world; I'll just keep practicing posting responses to you here, [personal profile] scarebear. *G*


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